Foreword by Sy Edbrooke.

In terms of photography I suppose you could call me somewhat of a late bloomer. I relocated to Taiwan 5 years ago more or less to teach English here. During that time I developed a love of exploring all the wild places and hikes on this island, which in turn led me to pick up a camera.

You could also say photography runs in the family, as my dad is also a successful professional photographer and a great inspiration for myself!

I hope that some of the pictures are appealing and spur the viewer on to explore what the unique views your backyard has to offer. Part of the beauty and what keeps me coming back to photography is the art and process of it all. I love the process of getting up to these spectacular views, right through to the post production of the files.

Getting to see other people's photos and unique views always inspires me to get out there and see even more of the world too. Thank you for the all the support and feedback and I hope to see you soon! 

Sy Edbrooke


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Sy Edbrooke

Sy Edbrooke