Guided Tours

I have lived in Taiwan for more than five years now, I've had the pleasure of being able to explore all sorts of places around the northern parts of the island mostly. I have been to all of the classic sights and locations, and a lot of the lesser known local sports also. These three types of guides tours are open to groups and individuals alike! They offer the chance to experience a more authentic experience of Northern Taiwan, whether you are a photographer looking for some unique pictures, a first time visitor looking to hit all the main sights and try the tasty food here, or someone who's looking for a little more adventure and wants to explore one of the many day hikes around the Taipei area! All three option offer different styles of tours and give unique snapshots on this wonderful place called Taiwan!

Fees start at:

$60 per person (£44) (1,800 NTD) 

                $40 per person (£30) (1200 NTD) for groups over 5 people (6 max).

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Sy E 

Sanxia old street

Sanxia old street

Photography Walks

There are quite a few tour groups that all tend to go to the same ultra famous locations around Taipei. This tour takes you to some picturesque traditional locations off the beaten tourist path! 

Taipei 101 & SYS Memorial Hall

Taipei 101 & SYS Memorial Hall

Iconic Sights, Sounds & Tastes

This tour is a chance to check out some of the more iconic locations like Taipei 101 with lesser known spots like Tonghua night market. You'll be able to get an authentic taste of local with this one!

Teapot Mountain & Mt. Keelung

Teapot Mountain & Mt. Keelung

Day Hikes

For the tourist looking for a slightly more of a challenge, day hikes all around northern Taipei are offered. There are some amazing mountains with easy reach of Taipei. Depending on your fitness level there are fun hikes for all levels of fitness that can offer some great photos and summits! 



From Australia

"Sy was great. Funny, informative, and easy to deal with. His knowledge and passion for hiking made me feel safe and comfortable. I highly recommend going on a hike with Sy."


Linda, From California

I got in touch with Sy because I was looking for something adventurous, new, and exciting to do. I was a little skeptical about trying something new, but his charismatic personality that made this adventure so much fun. I was extremely amazed how knowledgeable he was about the surrounding and its area. Best tour guide ever, highly recommended.