A lantern expedition / by Josiah Edbrooke

What with the weather not being so great lately, I took the opportunity to check out the recent lantern festival in Ximen a couple of weeks ago. There was a ton of home made lanterns all along the main road, all types of pokemon, 101 replicas and many more. It was so busy there the police even cordoned off part of the streets for the public to walk on the roads. It made for some nice street photography. 

There was some kind  of concert and event but I decided not to stick around for the enevitable crush that happens at the end of these types of events. The last few weeks has been pretty busy trying to work as much as possible and save up for a trip to Japan in early May hopefully! I think I was able to get a couple of good pics from the lantern festival though! It's always good to mix up the photos between street and landscape shots, I find it helps stem burnt out on a certain type of photo. The lantern festival is over now but there are a few lights still up dotted around randomly. I came across a good light trail spot near Ximen too which I'll share more about in an up coming post! hope you enjoy the photos!